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Seller Checklist

It is Finally Showtime!

You've worked hard to make your home look good. Now, when an agent calls and would like to show your home, you'll need just a few last-minute touches. Read through them now, and practice doing them at least once.

___1) Open drapes and window shades.

___2) Open all doors between rooms, to give an inviting feeling.

___3) Turn on all the lights, including the lamps.

___4) Turn off the TV.

___5) Tune the radio to some quiet music.

___6) Look around for clutter, including newspapers and magazines and clear it away.

___7) See that the kitchen counters are free of unnecessary items and that any dirty dishes are put away.

___8) Don't forget to take out the trash.

___9) If you have pets, get them out of the way and take care of their food and/or litter area.

___10) Get beds made and clothes picked up.

___11) Make sure bathrooms are clean, with towels folded and the toilet lid down.

___12) Make the house smell good! Bowls of potpourri in some of the rooms and/or something good cooking in the oven (bread is always good) may be the extra incentive your prospective buyer needs to choose your home.

___13) If it's fireplace season (and you're staying home), light the fire.

___14) Be sure to leave fact sheets on the home where visitors will be sure to see them.

Whenever you leave the house in the morning or during the day, please leave it as if you're sure it is going to be shown.

When an agent brings a customer to your home, it may be your only shot at this customer. The more offers on your property, the more choosy you can be. That extra 10 minutes of effort could make you thousand$!

Do not forget to print this page!