HATS OFF TO EVERYONE STAYING HOME!  Unpleasant, sometimes even mentally brutal, but it's what we must do to get "better, faster, sooner"  and to help keep our loved ones alive.


SO...Another day of challenges for most people in South Eastern Michigan.  But there truly is an UPSIDE to this COVID-19 Pandemic. WE, ARE indeed, in this TOGETHER!  WE ARE STRONG BECAUSE OF EACH OTHER. Because of that, I want to put a spotlight on some of the many, many people who are out there risking their lives for us all every day.  They very much deserve our accolades. I hope you agree, because I need YOUR help in bringing them to light and giving them the much deserved attention and gratitude from our community. 


There are so many heroes out there doing so much for us all, both individually, as well as businesses.  It runs from GROCERY STORE WORKERS, PHARMACY WORKERS, HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, POLICE, RESTAURANT/FOOD INDUSTRY WORKERS, FAITH LEADERS, TRUCKERS/DELIVERY PERSONS, VETERINARIANS, EMERGENCY HOME REPAIR PROFESSIONALS, and the lists could go on and on.


Please share with me deserving candidates, with a couple sentences about what this individual and or business is doing for our community in this challenging period.  I will do my best to share and spread the word about these amazing people to the world.


We also recognize how difficult it is for those of us that WANT desperately to be out there working, but are sacrificing paychecks to comply in order to get us to the other side of this.



Stay safe, and stay healthy and find some gratitude every day.



Click on the link below to fill out our form and nominate a Hometown Hero or send me an email!