Times are tough right now for everyone.  THANK YOU is just not enough to say to all of those out there that are bravely risking their lives on a daily basis to help us get over this huge hump that has taken over our lives. There ARE some bright points for every buyer and seller to consider.  Many people are weary of being cooped up at home. I thought I would have learned 3 different languages by now! Being a worker, teacher, chef, entertainment committee, and all around cheerleader, makes the Corona 15 lbs. a real thing!





I am being (thankfully) inundated with inquiries and well wishes from clients (which is incredibly meaningful, and I thank you all for that and send my virtual hugs and well wishes right back to everyone).  I also have lots of people asking my opinion of what the market will do, wanting to look at houses and wondering about listing a house, etc. Below is my "low down" of the current situation, and what we can and can't do.





This is the first thing we can all do to stop the spread.  NO ONE is allowed to show houses per the Statewide mandate currently. This is considered "non-essential" by the Governor, for now.  Bummer, when people have nothing but time on their hands, this will help our state and our country get back on its feet quicker and with fewer deaths.  Of course, washing hands and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting households is critical and will continue to be.







1. Use this time wisely.  Now is the time to tweak details around the house.  We often don't really "see" our own homes when we busily live in them.  Go at it with a fresh set of eyes. Touch up paint and declutter, but don't miss the opportunity to move things around and re-decorate.  Splashes of color, moving some plants around, "staging" a dining room table, cleaning blinds, etc. Buyers will be VERY EAGER to be able to look at houses again soon, and you want everything to be just right.  Pay special attention to front door entrances. It is the first impression everyone will have of your home, so it should say INVITING, WELL MAINTAINED, AND COME HOME TO YOUR NEW HOUSE!



2. When the stock market struggles, people often want to jump more heavily into real  estate. Impressive interest rates, and the ability to get in to buy something that they can enjoy that should appreciate at the same time becomes very compelling for many people. If you have been considering potentially selling and/or the timing of that, this may be an incredibly good opportunity coming up this spring, summer and fall.  A market analysis can be arranged virtually so that we are poised and prepared as soon as the stay home ban is lifted to potentially get your home on the market. At the very least, it gives you an idea of where you stand.





This is a great time to consider what REALLY are critical aspects for your home purchase and search.  You CAN even schedule showings for homes for specific times and dates right now! At this point, the very end of April will be when we can get out and start looking again!  Great news is that lots of homeowners have been poised and prepared to put countless homes on the market for spring, so there should be amazing new inventory coming very soon and INTEREST RATES  are at an all time low! Some over-leveraged sellers of 2nd and 3rd homes may be eager to simplify and scale down right now.



Use this time to connect with your REALTOR® to review any timing changes, lifestyle shifts in your lives, or changes in your desired living areas.  That way you will be ready when the right house presents itself. Home buying is often very competitive this time of year, and everyone may "rush" out there as soon as they can look at houses again, so be sure you are prepared with a current pre-approval letter (most lenders are working from home) or proof of funds (make sure that the account(s) you intend to pull your cash from will be available when you are ready to buy).  It may be critical to get you what you want!



As we all know, there is no crystal ball, but I am currently working with buyers and sellers to organize inventory and put buyers and sellers together as soon as we ramp back up.  



Please be sure to try to reach out to those around us who are in greater need such as the Brooklyn Food Pantry and the Jackson Food Pantry.


- Brooklyn Food Pantry


- Jackson Food Pantry














Also, many  animals are in need of foster care.  Please consider offering assistance, if this is an option for you!


- Jackson County Animal Shelter


- Cascades Humane Society